Plays for Young People III

Plays for Young People is a project very close to AFTEC’s heart. We believe strongly in expanding the horizons of young people, offering the chance to understand other cultures through the medium of the play. As a bilingual Learning Theatre™, this is the third season of this project in which emerging translators engage first-hand with playwrights from Europe and Asia. 20 local emerging translators experienced five full days of intensive and interactive workshops with the playwrights, directors and veteran translators in October 2021. In March 2022, extracts from one winning translation per play were performed in the Reader’s Theatre.

In addition, two public symposiums were held to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the theatre world in the post-COVID-19 era, sharing artists’ experiences and insights in translating, directing and producing plays. Two workshops were also held to nurture local talents in English script writing.


22.10.2021 Free Public Session I
23.10.2021 Free Public Session II
22-26.10.2021 Translation Workshop
27.10.2021 English Script Writing Workshops
12.3.2022 Reader’s Theatre

Participating creatives

Playwrights and plays

Khairi Anwar – IQ.Rock
Lin Meng Huan – E.S.D.F.
Olga Macrinici – Docuanimal
Chinonyerem Odimba – The Sweetness of a Sting
Dr Vicki Ooi & Thomas Lawson – Grimm Adventures –
A Reimagination of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Veteran Translators

Dominic Cheung
Julia Wan
Wu Hoi Fai

Jonathan Meth
Joe Sidek
Guest Speaker

Prof Jane Lai


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face-to-face sessions with online streaming

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Translation Workshop

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plays translated into Chinese (Cantonese) / English

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hours of Symposium and Translation workshops

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Emerging Translators

The translation of plays should not be just about sticking to the original text but also about whether the language can be performed well.

Chan Wing Hong, Anthony
Emerging Translator

It was fun to experience our different perspectives when analysing the text and also our different approaches in translating it.

Jason Lam
Emerging Translator

Aside from my daily work, it’s important to devote oneself to the process of creation. During these 3 months, I was glad to spend time each day playing around with words.

Dennis Ngan
Emerging Translator

I hope it (the Symposium & Workshop) has piqued their (the Emerging Translators) curiosity. That they know how to ask better questions of what theatre is and might be, how plays can work, and how all communication is an act of translation, but the words are only the surface.

Jonathan Meth

Through the process of translation, the playwright also gets a chance to re-evaluate his own work.

Lin Meng Huan

I could see they (the Emerging Translators) were very attentive reading the play, showing great interest in all the themes touched and also the structure and form of the play.

Olga Macrinici

Translation is not language to language, but soul to soul.

Chinonyerem Odimba

Reader’s Theatre

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online showcase

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Bravo! young actors

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audience members