Re-creating begins with exploring. Our 2021-22 theme took on Explore seriously. Because of COVID, we had windows of opportunity we had to reframe our thinking. With a de-routinised mindset, the AFTEC team still managed to present projects and programmes that truly spoke of colleagues’ abilities to rise to the occasion.

The annual report here attests to the powers of the arts’ unusual offers in times good and bad, offering alternatives and much-needed channels of expression, reflection and collaboration.

Our deepest thanks to the unfailing support of sponsors & donors who share the belief in the arts-in-education. With them, we pioneered two signature projects.

digiAFTEC® A Young Person’s Guide to the Theatre is our inaugural foray into a hybrid platform. This animation has since been launched as we move into the 2022-23 season. Check out the animated series, the creative stage box and the publication that guides everything.

The Jockey Club Arts-based Cross Curriculum Creative Learning Project systemises creative teaching & learning through the performing & visual arts linked to the school curriculum. Three videos give you a taste of the insights, challenges and fun that schools, creative practitioners and students had. Watch videos

We invite you to browse through the other programmes as well as we celebrate the inventiveness and creativity of one and all.

As always, thank you for being with us!

Lynn Yau