Medical Humanities

AFTEC is a community partner in the HKUMed Medical Humanities Programme which is a credit-bearing part of the medical curriculum. Through an imaginative encounter with the arts, medical students can explore the human aspect of medical science through engaging in theatre and movement.

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We all have emotions, including medical workers. It is important for a doctor to manage his emotions so as not to affect the patient. I was particularly inspired by one of the activities in the workshop where we had to make sounds of different emotions according to the colour of the ball. This process can be applied in the medical field when we need to control and decide which emotions can be appropriately expressed.

Medical Student,
The University of Hong Kong

Mortality is something all patients fear and dread. Hence a doctor must offer more than a diagnosis, but also good communication skills to comfort and prepare patients psychologically. Most important of all, medical professionals need to have compassion.

Medical Student,
The University of Hong Kong